The good news and the better news...

Raviloi xray with 3 part zoom

I went to the specialist today to see what they could tell me about my back and legs.  The good news is that I have a fracture in my L-1 Vertebrae from some kind of trauma.  (I think it's good news because it means I don't have Spina Bifida).  The fracture actually occurred in the growth plate of the vertebrae. He said it happened a while ago and has since healed, although it healed out of alignment and is pressing on the nerves that control my legs and bladder.  But the better news is…I won’t have to have surgery! The doctor said that because I am young I have a chance to regain some of my function.  With some medications to help relax the bladder as well as some physical therapy, I can regain some of my movement and control.   It’s a good thing that my foster mom is an Athletic Trainer, because she knows about rehab and can really help me do my exercises at home.  I may never be completely “normal” again but I am hopeful that I will be able to walk again and improve my quality of life!   

Thank you to Dr. Filer and everyone at Veterinary Referral Surgical Practice in Roswell, GA.  You have given me a renewed hope and inspiration!   Please continue to follow me as I begin the next phase of my journey into Physical Therapy!    Follow my progress on FaceBook and Instagram, too!  Just search for GaHomelessPets.  Thank you for your support!!