My legs don't work, but that won't stop me...I'm Ravioli!!


My name is Ravioli and I was found on the side of the road as a stray.  Something bad happened to me when I was out on my own, I don’t know what, but I cannot walk.    The vet at the shelter said I might have Spina Bifida and that I should be put down.  Yikes!  But the amazing volunteers at GA Homeless Pets believed in me and said that I deserved the chance to live!   

Despite not being able to use my back legs I get around pretty well scooting along with my front paws!   I am otherwise healthy, happy and super cuddly.  I even follow my foster mom around everywhere, just to make sure she is ok.     The only other thing I cannot do is go potty on my own.  So, she helps me with that, too.  It’s not easy but she knows I love her so much for taking such good care of me! I believe everyone deserves a chance to live and be loved and I am so grateful that I was not cast aside as a hopeless case. 

~~~ Ravioli deserves a chance to live; and to live the best life possible. He may require extensive care, but we don’t give up when presented with a challenge.  Come back each day to follow Ravioli on his journey and please donate here on our website to help him get the care he needs! ~~~