Yard Sale: Help Needed!

Thanks for all the input that has been received.  However, the one and only thing we have decided, is the date.  Unfortunately, it is spring time in Atlanta, and there will be events and festivals most weekends.


We are definitely doing Saturday, 4/26.  We still need to decide if we are doing Friday, 4/25 or Sunday, 4/27.  We would like to try for Friday, as it is apparently a big day the the hard core yardsalers!  So far we have 2 volunteers to work the sale, Alison and Robin.  I'm sure that is a lot of work for 2 people, and we probably need to do shifts.  


  • Please let me know if you can work the sale on Friday, 4/25


The main thing we need, even before we decide the dates, is a place to collect donations for the sale.  If anyone has a spare room, garage, or any space where we can keep these items before the sale, it will be greatly appreciated.  We cannot even advertise for donations until we have this decided.  Once we know where donations for the sale will be stored, we can get a flyer out and spread the word.


Again, any help on the planning of this event is greatly appreciated, as our current committee of 2 has no experince.