Meds and More!

Hi Friends!  Ravioli here, with an update…I received the medicine for my bladder in the mail on Tuesday.  It had to be compounded at a special pharmacy in Phoenix, Arizona.  They were so nice; they even included a little gift.  Thank you, Road Runner Pharmacy!  I love my new toys!

The medicine is already helping.  It has been easier for my foster mom to express my bladder and I even peed on my own for the first time yesterday!  Too bad it was all over the Vet Tech when I went for my vaccines…oops!  Sorry about that :)  But it’s progress!  

If you're feeling awesome, please donate a couple dollars here on our page to help us cover the cost of his medicines.  Thank you!

The good news and the better news...

Raviloi xray with 3 part zoom

I went to the specialist today to see what they could tell me about my back and legs.  The good news is that I have a fracture in my L-1 Vertebrae from some kind of trauma.  (I think it's good news because it means I don't have Spina Bifida).  The fracture actually occurred in the growth plate of the vertebrae. He said it happened a while ago and has since healed, although it healed out of alignment and is pressing on the nerves that control my legs and bladder.  But the better news is…I won’t have to have surgery! The doctor said that because I am young I have a chance to regain some of my function.  With some medications to help relax the bladder as well as some physical therapy, I can regain some of my movement and control.   It’s a good thing that my foster mom is an Athletic Trainer, because she knows about rehab and can really help me do my exercises at home.  I may never be completely “normal” again but I am hopeful that I will be able to walk again and improve my quality of life!   

Thank you to Dr. Filer and everyone at Veterinary Referral Surgical Practice in Roswell, GA.  You have given me a renewed hope and inspiration!   Please continue to follow me as I begin the next phase of my journey into Physical Therapy!    Follow my progress on FaceBook and Instagram, too!  Just search for GaHomelessPets.  Thank you for your support!!

My legs don't work, but that won't stop me...I'm Ravioli!!


My name is Ravioli and I was found on the side of the road as a stray.  Something bad happened to me when I was out on my own, I don’t know what, but I cannot walk.    The vet at the shelter said I might have Spina Bifida and that I should be put down.  Yikes!  But the amazing volunteers at GA Homeless Pets believed in me and said that I deserved the chance to live!   

Despite not being able to use my back legs I get around pretty well scooting along with my front paws!   I am otherwise healthy, happy and super cuddly.  I even follow my foster mom around everywhere, just to make sure she is ok.     The only other thing I cannot do is go potty on my own.  So, she helps me with that, too.  It’s not easy but she knows I love her so much for taking such good care of me! I believe everyone deserves a chance to live and be loved and I am so grateful that I was not cast aside as a hopeless case. 

~~~ Ravioli deserves a chance to live; and to live the best life possible. He may require extensive care, but we don’t give up when presented with a challenge.  Come back each day to follow Ravioli on his journey and please donate here on our website to help him get the care he needs! ~~~

Ice Cream for FUN(draising)!

Cold Stone Creamery has generously offered to come to the Smyrna PetSmart this Saturday, June 6th to join us for our weekly adoption event!  They will be selling $2 scoops of ice cream and donating 15% of the proceeds to Georgia Homeless Pets!  Please come out and join us!

Saturday, June 6th

1pm - 3pm

Smyrna PetSmart  (Heritage Pavilion, 2540 Cumberland Blvd, Smyrna, GA 30080)

As a non-profit organization we rely on your support.  Thank you for helping us save lives!

Kitten Shower!!

Wish List

1. Monetary Donations to cover vet costs (Click Here)

         * * * Vaccinations, spay/neuter, adds up!!

2.  Dry Kitten food  (Purina One Health Kitten, Fancy Feast Kitten)

3.  Non-Clay clumping litter  (Worlds Best Cat Litter)

4.  Carriers, Toys

5.  Foster Parents & Volunteers

Items can be dropped off at the Smyrna or Austell Petsmart on Saturdays between 12p-4p.  

Click Here to donate online today


Cassidy, the dog who was found wandering a neighborhood, turned out to be pregnant!  Her puppies were born on New Years Eve!  December 31st, 2014.  Now they are getting bigger and more mobile.  Their foster mom broke her foot and needs help caring for these little guys!  Please contact us if you can help.  Visit our Facebook page to see their adorable pics!

Help Needed for Charlotte

We will be getting Charlotte back after almost 4 years from what we thought was her forever home.  When she was adopted, they understood that she needed to be an only cat.  So, last year, they brought in another cat and now Charlotte is the one to suffer.  She has been having issues with her skin and using the litter box which I think is all behavior related. 


So, we need a foster home or at least a room for her so we can get her well.  Please help spread the word.  My house is beyond full and I’m down to a bathroom which works for a couple days but not much longer.  I’m attaching a picture and bio for you to share.  I appreciate the help!


Yard Sale: Help Needed!

Thanks for all the input that has been received.  However, the one and only thing we have decided, is the date.  Unfortunately, it is spring time in Atlanta, and there will be events and festivals most weekends.


We are definitely doing Saturday, 4/26.  We still need to decide if we are doing Friday, 4/25 or Sunday, 4/27.  We would like to try for Friday, as it is apparently a big day the the hard core yardsalers!  So far we have 2 volunteers to work the sale, Alison and Robin.  I'm sure that is a lot of work for 2 people, and we probably need to do shifts.  


  • Please let me know if you can work the sale on Friday, 4/25


The main thing we need, even before we decide the dates, is a place to collect donations for the sale.  If anyone has a spare room, garage, or any space where we can keep these items before the sale, it will be greatly appreciated.  We cannot even advertise for donations until we have this decided.  Once we know where donations for the sale will be stored, we can get a flyer out and spread the word.


Again, any help on the planning of this event is greatly appreciated, as our current committee of 2 has no experince.